Sebastopol Hills

With a viticultural history spanning decades and esteemed vineyards, Sebastopol Hills has a legacy of producing high-quality grapes that have shaped its reputation.

What makes Sebastopol Hills so unique?

Discover the allure of Sebastopol Hills, an extraordinary winegrowing region nestled in Sonoma County, California. With its undulating hillsides, cool coastal climate, and diverse soils, Sebastopol Hills offers a unique environment for crafting exceptional wines. From the slow ripening of grapes to the distinct flavor profiles influenced by the coastal breezes and fog, the wines of Sebastopol Hills embody the essence of this remarkable terroir.

About the Petition

The effort to establish the Sebastopol Hills AVA is led by the Sebastopol Hills Winegrowers Association, a dedicated group of vintners and grape growers who are deeply invested in the region. By establishing the Sebastopol Hills AVA, wine producers and vineyard owners in the region aim to promote and protect their wines’ reputation and marketability.

The proposed Sebastopol Hills AVA covers over 10,000 acres of land in southwestern Sonoma County, California. It includes over 1,000 acres of planted and productive commercial vineyards across at least 50 vineyards, as well as two licensed and bonded wineries.

The establishment of Sebastopol Hills AVA is intended to provide additional labeling options for producers and wineries who meet the requirements. Wines produced in the proposed Sebastopol Hills AVA can be labeled as Russian River Valley AVA (or the broader Sonoma Coast AVA or North Coast AVA) if the winegrowers choose to do so.

Winegrowers within the overlapping areas of the proposed Sebastopol Hills AVA and the Green Valley of Russian River Valley AVA have the option to label their wine as Sebastopol Hills AVA, Green Valley of the Russian River Valley AVA, or Russian River Valley AVA if they choose. They can always also choose to use the broader Sonoma Coast AVA and the North Coast AVAs for their wine’s label. 

How will this affect my wine's label and other FAQs

The Sebastopol Hills Winegrowers Association (SHW) is a passionate community of vintners and winegrowers dedicated to promoting and preserving the distinct viticultural heritage of Sebastopol Hills. Representing the winemaking pioneers and visionaries of the region, SHW brings together a collective expertise in sustainable practices, terroir-driven winemaking, and a commitment to excellence.

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